About IEHN

IEHN Staff

Alexandra McPherson, Consulting Program Manager at Clean Production Action (CPA), has been leading IEHN since January 1, 2018, succeeding founder and Executive Director Dr. Richard Liroff upon his retirement. Alexandra co-founded CPA in the U.S. in 2001, where she served as Managing Director for its first decade. Alexandra served on the national advisory board of EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) and has published on chemicals management in the electronics sector. She currently serves also as Principal of Niagara Share, a multi-stakeholder initiative promoting sustainable economic development in the Buffalo/Niagara region of upstate New York.

Sanford Lewis is counsel to IEHN. Mr. Lewis is an attorney with a focus on shareholder rights and corporate disclosure. His clients include investing institutions and firms, public pension funds and nongovernmental organizations. He is also the director of the Shareholder Rights Group, http://shareholderrightsgroup.com, which defends and advances the rights of share owners to engage companies on governance and long-term value creation. Mr. Lewis was co-author and lead researcher on The Rose Foundation paper, “Fooling Investors and Fooling Themselves: How Aggressive Corporate Accounting and Asset Management Tactics Can Lead to Environmental Accounting Fraud.” Mr. Lewis is a graduate of Rutgers University (BS,'77, Environmental Science and Urban Communications) and University of Michigan Law School (JD, '82).