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February 2008

Toxic Chemicals and Safer Products in the News

'Thomas' toymaker settles suit over lead for $30M
Julie Schmit, USA Today

January 23, 2008
The maker of Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway toys has agreed to a $30 million class-action settlement stemming from last year's recalls, the first in what's expected to be a wave of settlements.

The chemicals within us
Anne Underwood, Newsweek

February 4, 2008
Many common household products contain compounds that could be affecting our health and can be found in our bodies, according to the recently released "Is it in Us?" report.

Retail goes green, from ground up
Ngoc Nguyen, Sacramento Bee

January 28, 2008
Kaiser-Permanente reports cost-savings from working with manufacturers to create polyvinyl chloride-free carpeting and IV bags and from a phase-out of mercury in medical devices.

Greener Cleaners
Michael McCoy, Chemical & Engineering News

January 21, 2007
Consumer demand for environmentally friendly cleaning products has changed the game for chemical suppliers. This new interest is proving to be a wake-up call to chemical companies that supply the cleaning products industry. Clorox has introduced a family of natural cleaners sold under the Earth-friendly name Green Works.

State to probe development of 'green' chemicals
Marla Cone, Los Angeles Times

January 31, 2008
In an effort to reduce industry's reliance on toxic compounds, state environmental officials today will lay out a framework for transforming California into a leader in the development and use of "green" chemicals.

Chemical-related illnesses cost state
Terence Chea, The Associated Press

January 16, 2008
A new study by University of California researchers details the economic, environmental and public health effects of industrial chemicals and calls for state policies to phase out dangerous substances and promote safer alternatives. Toxic chemicals cost the state an estimated $2.6 billion annually in medical expenses and lost wages. The report is available here.