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December 2007

EHN Multimedia Presentations Online

A set of audio and video files on the IEHN website explores toxicity issues in China and provides access to our panel discussion at SRI in the Rockies.

Our video webcast of "Product Toxicity and China: Insights for Investors and Companies," features Melissa Brown, Executive Director of the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASRiA). The fifteen minute video briefing examines issues underlying supply chain management challenges in China in the aftermath of this past year's controversies over imports to the US of toxic pet food, toothpaste, and toys.

Audio recordings of two related interviews are also available. Lauren Compere of Boston Common Asset Management speaks about the management of toxics up and down the supply chain, and Stacy Malkan, co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, reminds us that toxic products are manufactured in the US, since our country currently has some of the weakest toxics regulations of the developed world.

Listen to an IEHN-sponsored panel, "Not Just for Breakfast Anymore: What Every Fiduciary Should Know About Toxic Chemicals." This panel explores why fiduciaries must track the increasingly serious and material issue of toxic chemicals, and what shareholder advocacy can accomplish. This hour-long discussion was recorded at the SRI in the Rockies conference on November 5, 2007.